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August 2019
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Kate Hanley

Kate Hanley never set out to be an author, but her discovery of her parents love and the overwhelming peace she had when she witnessed love overpowering dementia, encouraged her to tell her story. It is her hope that others will believe that their compassion and resilience in caring for someone with dementia will not be forgotten. Kate finds solitude in living Old Forge with her husband, two dogs and two grown sons who come home as often as possible to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.


Breakfast Memories—A Dementia Love Story

For anyone who is caring for someone with dementia, this book offers a bridge of hope and inspiration as Kate opens up and shares an important chapter of her life with her experience and her mom’s dementia. This book offers encouragement for caregivers to not give up on giving all they can to the one they love, even when the one they love doesn’t know who they are.

Written with candor, sensitivity, and a touch of humor, Kate shares her journey through the lens of her own pain watching her parents’ physical and mental health decline as she cares for her mom during the wildly unchartered, often lonely and unstable waters of dementia. When she starts to dig and explore into her parents love and history, Kate discovers a unique love language that her parents shared that she didn’t see as a child. Unlocked by mounds of daily poetry written on paper napkins from her father to her mom, Kate experiences the powerful yet invisible strength of the memories held in her mom’s soul and her dad’s love that proved itself immortal. Witnessing her mom’s memory surge through dementia in her final days of life provides the reader a reason to believe that love lives on eternally, never to be forgotten.

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